Wyatt – SCCGI Director

Picture of SCCGI Director: Wyatt
Wyatt, Director

Wyatt is no stranger to the world of Non-Profits.

He has been actively involved as a hands on volunteer with Special Olympics since 1990. In addition he and his wife of 46 years, Joan, are the Founders of LifeTime Networks. The experience they have gained with their work for people of disabilities is valuable to help many of the residents of Slab City who have disabilities, and who have been largely ignored in our County.

Slab City must take care of their own and we do so through our culture of inclusiveness.

The Lifetime Networks is a not-for-profit organization started in 1998 by a group of determined parents trying to create a viable organization to secure the future of their children with disabilities, by establishing personal support Networks. Networks are made up of friends and are unpaid relationships in the lives of people with disabilities. They began to search for people who would be committed to becoming a friend to each of their children with disabilities.

Today, the primary goal of the pioneer families has been achieved: established Networks which have made a considerable difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

His experience with the previously mentioned non-profits and presence on the Board of Directors of SCCGI adds to just one of the many goals Slab City Community has of forming networks to support the challenges of this unique unusual community.

Wyatt is Not a Slacker

Wyatt is not slacker which is commonly assumed of a Slab City Resident by outside media. He is a  retired Professional Engineer (34 years) and he taught motorcycle safety training for 14 years. He ran meetings and did public speaking where he learned and honed skills at running meetings and public speaking through involvement with Toastmasters International for 10 years.

What is Wyatt’s Connection to Slab City?

Wyatt has been living in Slab City since 2006 for 3 to 6 months per season. He loves the desert and availability of space. Wyatt and his wife are adventurers who like to drive the desert backroads in their little 4-wheel drive car exploring the hidden history of Imperial Valley.

“I am deeply passionate about Slab City’s future and want to see Slab City continue as it has in the past.”

Civic Engagement

Wyatt has been involved in the organization of SCCG Inc since late 2013. His experience with Toastmasters led him to be  the calming organized voice that helped Slab City Residents transition to an understanding that meetings, using Roberts Rules of Order, progress more smoothly. In fact, one of the early Board of Directors, who had absolutely no experience with any Corporation nor Non-profit structures, was inspired to learn more about Roberts Rules of Order…in that member’s words, “I found the whole process fascinating, and would never have been exposed to it without the formation of SCCGI”.

Understanding the FEAR

Wyatt recognizes that Slab City must stay true to its traditions of free expression and thought because that is where creative ideas and solutions come from. But he also recognizes that in today’s governmental environment of rules, that some adjustments may need to happen.

He understands the fear Slab City Residents and Visitors have that things “will change”, but through his deep involvement with non-profits he also understands the power of protection a Non-profit such as SCCGI can have. To that effect he has been successful  in recruiting members of the community that have had alternate views of the path Slab City should take, to join the organization. His patience in listening and considering alternate views and the ability to have calm, thoughtful conversations drives honest exchange in the ongoing debate about what to do to secure Slab City’s future.

Wyatt does not live here during the summer so is considered a “Snowbird”. He is the Board Member representative of  the many Snowbirds who return annually.


Read about the possibilities already tested with the Nonprofit he started here: http://www.lifetimenetworks.org/about-us/history/

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