Trish – SCCGI Director

Trish, Director
Trish, Director

Trish is originally from Knoxville Tennessee. When she was 13 years old, her family moved to Long Beach Ca. She continued living in Long Beach area as she worked her career as an ICU Registered Nurse. She also has a  BA in Psychology, specializing in research about learning and emotion research.

Trish  retired 2 years ago and researched for a place where she could live inexpensively in order to homestead. That plan did not work at because she ran into obstacles to live in an intentional community due to maximum age limitations of 60.

She still wanted to live off-grid and in a manner of sustainable living.  She came to this desire while working. She felt she was being sucked into the drama of consumerism, and starkly realized she was really selling her  life for “these products” that are gonna go away.

What is really important and how do I want to live.

She felt it really wasn’t worth giving her life away, only to be on a treadmill and not enjoying the trip. Her realization is similar to many of the residents of Slab City, in that, one starts to realize how much it takes to live in a manner that the establishment expects of the individual.

It takes so much out of a person, and I became very dissatisfied with that. I wanted to get out as fast as I could.

Slab City

Over the years she has been learning about solar systems, earth homes, and other more efficient manners of living. She had lost her house, car, horses and was looking for a free place to camp. Slab City popped up in her Internet Search and soon after, she arrived on a bus with camping gear.

She found out that tents do not stand up well to the high desert winds, so she built a Core-Plas plastic shelter her first season and says it lasted pretty good. She was warm enough in the desert winter with just her sleeping bag, as the material she used to build the shelter reflected her body heat. She also was successful with building a composting toilet.

Trish loves the winters in the desert and will be trying her first full summer living in the desert…off-grid. She is fascinated by Slab City residents’ innovative building and technology, such as, how to build a fence. Her current project is revitalizing the corner slab formerly known as “The Stage Door.” Trish has snapped the “before pictures” to show the difference she can make cleaning up the slab .

Trish doesn’t know how it’s gonna work out but she is enjoying working on her exploratory, creative, Off-Grid campsite.  She wants to make it into something she can share with the community so they can enjoy it too.

My first and last traveling Nurse assignment was in Imperial Valley. I had never heard of Slab City then. And now, here I am living here full time.

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