Meet the Directors

Slab City Community Group Inc.


Part of the Slab City Culture is being on a first name basis with each other or having nicknames to distinguish ourselves.

Looks can be deceiving. Though the Board of Directors do not wear suits, there is a surprise that awaits you as you read about the individuals who keep this non-profit legal and accountable.

Here are the Names and Bios of the Current 2016 Board of Directors. Click on the links of each Director to learn about the skills and life experiences that contribute to the strength of the SCCGI non-profit.

Meet the SCCGI Officers!

Preacher Dave – President

SCCGI President Preacher Dave
SCCGI President Preacher Dave

“Land for People, Not for Profit”. Those words came from this loving, generous, empathetic, compassionate man.

Preacher Dave holds Bible Studies every day of the week at a place in Slab City called “The Haven”. When the “Blue Church lost its paster, Preacher Dave stepped up to fill the void and moved religious studies to The Haven.

Dave has a finger on the pulse of the “most at-risk” residents living in Slab City and has consistently worked to provide food security, on his own, way before the formation of SCCGI non-profit. More on Preacher Dave coming soon.


Balu – Vice President

Vice President of SCCGI: Balu
Balu. VP of SCCGI:

Balu could probably outshine that TV commercial with “the most interesting guy in the world,” except that he would never want his friends to “stay thirsty” in this harsh desert environment in Slab City.

Balu arrived in Slab City purely by “universal guide.”

His first impression of Slab City was a place that looked like pure chaos. He found Slab City to be a unique place that has   potential to become a utopia of great collective minds.

“Tell me if you get it.” Read about his international adventures and business experiences that contribute to the special goals of Slab City: Balu’s Bio.


Trish – Secretary Pro tempore

Trish, Director
Trish, Director

A quiet gentle nature, Trish is sometimes not noticed in the background, but she is listening.

Trish retired as an ICU Registered Nurse. Her compassion from that career and her inner spirit show through in her smile.

If ever there were an emergency, Trish would be one of the people that could handle it with grace.

So how is it she came to live at the Slabs? Read her bio to discover something she never knew about herself, until she faced a challenge in recent years. Trish’s Bio

Robi – Communications/Website

Assistant Secretary

Picture of SCCGI Director: Robi
Robi, Secretary/Communications Officer

“Damned if we do, and damned if we don’t.”

Those are the feelings Robi struggles with in regards to the proposal to purchase Slab City. Her “What IF” thinking propels her extensive research to navigate the rules of “babylon.”

Working towards a satisfying set up where the outside establishment will not feel threatened by a 50+ year community, can contribute to unique county/state wide solutions through residents’ experimentation.

She started her journey living in an RV after a family tragedy made it difficult to be around busy, noisy cities. Find out why she stayed in Slab City and continues to return every year, and the business and life experience she brings to SCCGI. Robi’s Bio


Marty – Treasurer

Picture of SCCGI Director: Marty
Marty, Treasurer

Marty has been called the “Harley Buddha.” Though he looks like a “biker” riding to and from his job as an electrician in the County of Imperial Valley, Marty has studied and practiced the calming, centering meditations of Buddhism.

He is the guy that keeps a close eye on the money. Nothing goes in, nor out, without him knowing about it. He is a perfectionist when it comes to attention to detail. He has solid ethics and is a proponent of “Theft is not Tolerated in Slab City.”

He is an inventor of many unique mechanical, electrical, and Off-Grid living solutions…without bothering to file a single patent.
More on Marty is soon to come.


The following are additional Board of Directors in Alphabetical Order.

Andra  – Director

Andra, Director
Andra, Director

Andra was born in Germany and has family that witnessed the horrors of the holocaust. She stands for truth and encourages people to stand up and use the establishment system to solve issues that may not be resolved with traditional Slab City safe methods. She is an effective communicator and well respected intermediary between various different types of people.

She has taken on the Spay Neuter Project and along with a Slab City resident that started it, she has brought it to heightened levels.

She has secured a huge donation of dog food to help people who have limited funds and need their pets for emotional therapeutic support.

She has spent large amounts of her own personal funds to pay for emergency vet services. More about Andra is coming soon.


Builder Bill – Director

Picture of SCCGI Director: Builder Bill
Builder Bill, Director

Builder Bill went to High School in San Diego.  He also studied at Sophia University in Tokyo. He was in the Air Force from 1967 to 1971. He is concerned for the many Veterans that call Slab City their home.

Bill worked in manufacturing then construction. He came to the Slabs in 1998. As a single guy he thought, “Ya know? This place needs something where people can meet each other”, and that idea led to starting the Saturday night music venue called “The Range”. The first night was New Year Eve, 2002.

Builder Bill joined the Non-profit that is continuing Leonard Knight’s “Salvation Mountain” around 2011 and then SCCGI. More about Builder Bill to come.


Doc – Director

Picture of SCCGI Director: Doc
Doc, Director

Doc is sometimes referred to as “420 Doc” because he moved into the camp that had a trailer with the address “420 Low Rd” painted on it.

His favorite saying is “We’re all here, cuz we are not all there”. But don’t let that saying fool you. Doc is a deep thinker and can help those he talks to focus in on their own truths or misconceptions.More on Doc to come!


Dreamcatcher – Director

Dreamcatcher, Director
Dreamcatcher, Director

Dreamcatcher is bold and beautiful. She readily admits that she realizes sometimes people don’t want to hear her rant, but feels important to call out people if they are not being truthful to themselves.

She is the Committee Chairperson for the Seedling Program, focusing on environmental stewardship and resident food security through micro-farming.


Lynne – Director

Lynne, Director of SCCGI
Lynne, Director

Lynne has been nicknamed “The Sarge” when she re-organized a private social club called “The Oasis.”

A strong woman who also does a lot of research about our current situation.

She has experience in understanding how government systems work and is wanting to help with strategy that will allow Slab City and local and State governments to co-exist. Lynne’s Bio


Wyatt – Director

Picture of SCCGI Director: Wyatt
Wyatt, Director

Wyatt brings a lot of experience from his many years of involvement in the Non-profit world.

He is a Canadian that has been driving his RV all the way here to Slab City for many winters. He represents another sector of population in Slab City that is often glossed over in the media, that of “The Snowbirds”. Snowbirds are retired professional individuals who like to camp in the desert to avoid their home state cold winter months.

Snowbirds bring a lot of money to the Imperial County Valley that supports and enhances the county and local businesses.

The Snowbird population has dwindled recently because of the insecurity of the future of the continued existence of Slab City. Read why Wyatt thinks that needs to change. Wyatt’s Bio


Randy, photographer and musician in Slab City

Meet Randy

Randy is another retired talented individual who graciously agreed to take these awesome photos of the SCCGI Board of Directors. Randy also is a returning resident of Slab City. Randy’s Bio on our Media Credits Page.



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