Securing the Land for the people of Slab City
Land for People, Not for Profit

Securing the Land




Quality Affordable Community picture by Live,Work,Dream
Quality Affordable Community

Quality Affordable Community





Slab City Trash Management, picture of the Mike Bright Memorial Trash Dumpster site.
Slab City Trash Management

Trash Management




Slab City Human Waste Management using Humanure composting system
Slab City Human Waste Management

Human Waste Management




Slab City food security shows a picture of plants growing in hydroponics
Slab City Food Security

Food Security





Slab City Community Center Project picture of an example of a community center built with pallets
Slab City Community Center Project

Community Center





Slab City Pet Project shows picture of a dog and cat
Slab City Pet Project

Abandoned Animals / Spay and Neutering Services




Slab City Micro Loans shows a picture of a seedling growing out of coins
Slab City Micro Loans

Creating Micro-Businesses




Support Creative Projects