Trash Management

5dcf83044b0d4ffeb2912d3affc74e59“Just Throw It Away”

When someone says “Just throw it away”  WHERE is AWAY?

Slab City Residents and Visitor Campers are have a unique challenge because we don’t have a County Trash Service that hauls away today’s society’s consumerism. We are acutely aware of the amount of waste that is produced in today’s modern society. There are a number of ways that Slabbers try to compensate for this dilemma, and other ideas where we could use some help.

Slab City Trash Management is a 5 Part Project.

Part 1: Recognize the Challenge

Recognizing that today’s society has way-too-much packaging.  Thus we try to buy food from “Babylon” that has the least packaging. Then we try to use whatever packaging cannot be avoided for other purposes.

Part 2: Repurpose

Many residents and visitors of Slab City repurpose trash into art and/or building materials. Fences made out of old discarded tires found on the side of the roads within Imperial Valley. Fences made out of discarded spring mattresses. Shade rooms and fences made out of pallets from solar construction waste piles. Slab City residents are always looking for discarded material to repurpose. If you see a pile of wood, know that during the summer it is too hot to physically build anything, so that pile is kept for future repurposing when the weather gets cooler.

Part 3: Reduction of paper, cardboard and tree and bush branches

Burning cardboard and cuttings.  There are bushes and trees that drop whole braces during high wind storms.  Some of this wood is used for cooking and heating purposes. The larger pieces can be used for building shade structures.  But some of it, such as delivery cardboard boxes and paper, are burned per Imperial Valley County Air Quality guidelines.

Part 4: Trash Dumpster

The Mike Bright Memorial Trash Collection site was established. A Trash Dumpster was brought in by SCCGI to help residents discard of nonburnable plastics and other household trash. This helped tremendously, but unfortunately the funds to pay for it ran. SCCGI intends on reintroducing that program as funds become available. If you would like to help click here: (placeholder)

Part 5: Access to Local Landfill

Access to the local dump has been repeatedly denied to Slab City Residents, even though residents in the local town of Niland have been spotted dumping items that the local landfill will not accept right here in the Slabs.  In fact, one of our residents witnessed a Trash Truck dump a load on the fringes of the desert that surrounds Slab City.

SCCGI believes that once the land is in our control, and we are then considered “legal residents” of Imperial Valley, we can then apply for a trash dump permit and can do much more effective clean up.

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