Slab City Micro Loans

SCMLSlab City Self Reliance

The very nature of living in Slab City requires residents to supply their own water, waste management, electricity and food source. We call it Off-Grid Living.

There are areas that we have not yet accomplished being independent of County Services.

There are people who come out here who have fallen through the cracks of society and literally have no where else to go to survive.  Though we expect people to learn to take care of themselves, there are many people who supply a hot meal and help to newcomers or disabled.

Our goal is to empower those who missed a chance in life to be financially self reliant by offering Micro-Loans to encourage creative mini business ideas.

Here is how this could work:

1. Choose a borrower

We brainstorm with residents to find ideas of mini-businesses that they could get excited about. We help them learn to make a business plan and decide how much they would need to start, and what would need to happen to pay back the mini-loan. Donors get to choose which mini-business project they would like to contribute to.

2. Make a loan

Through funds raised for this project, SCCGI could make a Micro-Loan.  Or post the project and donors can fund directly.

3. Get repaid

Get updates as the borrowers you support succeed and repay their loans. These funds would be returned into your Lending Account.

4. Repeat!

When borrowers repay, you can use that money to empower another person by supporting a new loan! You can also choose to donate the money to SCCGI or withdraw it.

How to help support this project: Click Here