Human Waste Management

wastecircleMost Slab City Residents and Camping Visitors live in RVs that have a waste system with tanks that hold human waste (black tanks) and gray water from showers and dishwater (gray tanks).

Those tanks can then be dumped at the Niland Chamber of Commerce. If a person has an RV or Trailer that no longer moves, then the waste can be emptied into a “Blue Boy” and taken down to the Niland Chamber for dumping purposes.

We are experimenting with alternative waste managements.  One method is called the Human Manure System.  What that is: a composting toilet system that uses less water and avoids the need to carry Human Waste by Vessel to the Niland Chamber of Commerce.

The Challenge:

  1. Tourists and new visitors that come in a car do not know where to “go” so once in awhile we have witnessed them “peeing in the bushes”. **We wish to implement a public toilet system.
  2. We get Snowbirds that stay here for long periods of time and they would like a system whereby they do not have to move their RVs every time they need to dump. **We would like to be able to provide a truck waste suck-out system such as is used at another Snowbird area called Quartzite.

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