Food Security

schydrFresh Vegetables on a regular basis is very difficult for the residents of Slab City.  Many people living off the grid do not have refrigeration. Veggies wilt within hours during hot weather.

Those residents that do have refrigeration in their RVs notice that veggies do not keep as well in heat absorbtion refrigerators like regular refrigerators. Either the RV refrigerators are too cold and freeze everything, or not cool enough and veggies rot quickly.

Enter the Hydroponics system.

Although Slab City does not have piped in water, we obtain our water by hauling it in ourselves on the back of trucks or trailers for our individual use. Hydroponics may take a lot of water initially to set up, but will use less water than growing in dirt in the long run.

We aim to have fresh veggies available on an “as needed” basis to provide freshness that cannot be obtained by storing veggies in coolers or RV refrigerators.

Here is a video that addresses another problem, not just here in Slab City, but all over the country…take a look at the trailer:

Just Eat It – A food waste story (Official Trailer) from Grant Baldwin on Vimeo.

You see, a lot of mental illness is caused or exacerbated with lack of a decent diet.

We hope by landing on this page, you understand that the SCCGI Charity is needing help to resolve the real stress of lack of Food Security.

Got ideas? Contact us!  Want to donate? Please do…a few members of the Board of Directors have use their own personal money to provide food for the community at our BOD meetings. We can always use more help. Thank you!