Lynne – SCCGI Director – Founder

Lynne, Director of SCCGI
Lynne, Director

Lynne has been involved in the Slab City Community Group since its original inception, even before SCCGI became an organized corporate entity.

Slab City had a need for communication on a community level and Lynne was instrumental in starting weekly Saturday Community Meetings where residents and visitors alike could meet and talk about upcoming events and any challenges the community might be experiencing, and brainstorming solutions.

Lynne has been involved in non-profit organizations as a volunteer since she was a teenager. Her first experience was with the Red Cross in the 1960’s and 1970’s. She has been involved in the organizational piece of non-profits for over 40 years.

I am a bureaucrat by profession, and understand the reason and necessity of being part of a bigger picture. I also cherish the ideology of Slab City, which to me says that we are not just some cog in someone else’s wheel.

Lynne believes strongly that Slab City Residents are individuals of worth and she cares about the continued security of keeping Slab City safe. One of her favorite expressions is:

“We are NOT a thirty second sound bite. We are all unique and we all have value.”

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