Short History

What is known currently as Slab City, was formerly a United States Marine  was a Marine Training Base in the 1940’s, known as Camp Dunlap. After the war, it was decommissioned and buildings torn down, but the cement slab base of the buildings was left.

Over more than 50 years, former veterans of the war, along with other campers came here and used the “slabs”. This area came to be known as Slab City.

The tradition has been squatters living on land that The California State Land Commission controlled but largely forgot about. Many creative ideas came from the freedom the visitors and residents gained by living without any county or city supplied services.

People from all walks of life, rich and poor, live together in harmony in a shared experience that requires creative co-operation to resolve conflicts without violence nor police intervention.

The State Lands Commission is now in the process of selling off the land. Salvation Mountain and East Jesus, both located in Slab City,  have been able to raise the needed funds to purchase a section of land that meets their needs.

The remainder 500 or so acres, where most of the Residents and Visitors live, is what the Slab City Community Group Inc wish to secure. We are seeking donations to accomplish this goal.

The purpose of 501 [c] [3] Non-profit, The Slab City Community Group Inc., is to hold the land for the benefit of Slab City residents and visitors to protect and continue creative expression, arts and music, acceptance of each others differences, and preservation of the local desert area.

Slab City Community Group Inc.


(Read the full  Articles of Incorporation)

2. a. This corporation is a nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation and is not

organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the

Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public purposes and for

charitable purposes.

b. The purpose of the Corporation shall be: to provide education and charity for Slab City Residents by:

i. allowing affordable living space to low income, moderate income,

elderly, and or disabled residents of Slab City;

ii. address the systemic source of homelessness, locally and globally

by providing education about living off the grid, (without the need

to be connected to power plants), including encouraging and

providing education about local ecological land stewardship, and

permaculture agricultural practices;

iii. developing and encouraging local artistic projects;

iv. promoting and providing education and information about civic


v. providing education and encouragement to Slab City Residents to

participate in the economic redevelopment and stability in Imperial

County, California.