2016.10.15 BOD Minutes

Slab City Community Group Inc.


Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting 10.15.2016

1. Call to order at 8:05 by Dave Huntington, President. Meeting at Slab

City, California held at The The Range.

2. Directors present: Bill Ammon, Dave Huntington, Doc , Marty Mauer,

Trish Abbott, Andra, Balu, Dreamcatcher… Directors on conference call: P.

Wyatt Sabourin, Robi Hutton, Lynne Bright. A quorum was met.

3. Approval of this meeting’s Agenda. A motion was made to accept

Agenda. Motion passed.

4. Approval of Minutes: Reading of last BOD Meeting Minutes from

August 27th, 2016. All Directors read and understood minutes. No

additions, clarifications, corrections offered. Motion to accept Minutes

Motion passed.

5. Officer Reports

A. Presidents Report-Dave

Motion to accept Presidents Report was made: Motion Passed

B. Vice Presidents Report– Balu

a. Slab City Independence Day Party

b. Flag Competition for Slab City Flag

c. Slab City Adopt a Highway

Motion to accept Vice-Presidents Report was made: Motion Passed

C. Secretary’s Report: Website Stats reviewed, Email summary, Water

Access research initiation. (See 2016.10.15 Secretary Report)

Motion to accept Secretary’s Report was made: Motion Passed

D. Treasurer’s report by Marty Mauer.



Cash – 10/15/2016 $87.00

Sun Community FCU – 10/15/2016

Savings $5.30

Non-Profit Checking $1,011.51

PayPal – 10/15/2016 $72.53

Total Assets $1,176.34

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Slab City Community Group Inc.


Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting 10.15.2016 (cont-pg2)


Current Liabilities

Check #1018 Donation to Niland Chamber of Commerce ($75.00)

Total Liabilites $ (75.00)

SCCGI’s Equity:

Capital, August 26, 2016 $1,122.13

Net Income for Period

Cash Donations $27.00

Membership Fees

FundRazr Donations

GoFundMe Donations $30.00

Net Income Total $57.00

Less Withdrawals

FundRazr Fees

GoFundMe Fees ($2.79)

Capital, October 15, 2016 $ 1,176.34

Total Liabilties and Owner’s Equity $ 1,101.34

Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report was made: Motion Passed

(SCCGI) Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting 10/1516

6. Committee Reports

A. Fundraising Report

Go Fund Me account working better than other fundraising site.

Motion to use Go Fund Me Account Exclusively was made: Motion Passed

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Slab City Community Group Inc.


Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting 10.15.2016 (cont-pg3)

B. Animal Welfare Committee report by Andra.

October 25th Mobile Vet Clinic to come to us. Low and no-cost clinic. Dog

Food is being donated for needy slab dogs. Dog Food is intended for those

very needy and is being picked up by people who are financially capable of

buying their own, thus a two month supple is almost gone. New procedures

are being worked on.

Motion to accept Animal Welfare report was made Motion Passed

7. Old Business

1. Continuance of plans for Trash Dumpster and Porta-Potty placement

locations. Waiting for “Before Pictures” to submit to the County along with

details of placement and contractors.

2. Reminder that Candidates for Board of Directors Election Workshop is to

be held on November 26th and December 3rd at The Haven at 12pm.

Annual Membership Meeting (AMM) is December 11th, Sunday, noon, to

be held at The Range.

3. List of Names of Board of Directors who’s term ends December 31, 2016

(per rh Secretary)

Dreamcatcher Christina – ends December 2016

Lynne – ends December 2016

Marty – ends December 2016

Trish – ends December 2016

Andra – ends December 2016

The Following Board of Directors Service Terms:

Preacher Dave, ends December 2018

Builder Bill, ends December 2018

Balu, ends December 2018

Robi, (resigned end 2016)

Wyatt, ends December 2018

Doc, ends December 2018

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Slab City Community Group Inc.


Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting 10.15.2016 (cont-pg4)

8. New Business

Next BOD Meeting will be held November 12th, 2016 at THE RANGE


9. Public Questions and Comments


10. Motion to Adjourn -Passed Unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:28am.

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