2016.07.09 BOD Minutes

Slab City Community Group Inc. (SCCGI)

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting 7/9/16

1. Call to Order at 8:13 by Dave Huntington, President. Meeting at Slab

City, California held at The Haven.

2. Directors present: Christina DreamCatcher Swistak, Dave Huntington,

Bill Ammon, Trish Abbott, Marty Maurer. Directors on conference call: Robi

Hutton, P. Wyatt Sabourin, Lynne Bright. Also attending on conference call:

Sarah and Stan. Directors absent: John (Balu) Holson, Andra Dakota, Doc.

A quorum was met.

3. Approval of this meeting’s Agenda. Motion to Approve Agenda:

made by Trish, 2nd by Bill. Motion passed unanimously.

4. Reading of last BOD Meeting Minutes from May 14th, 2016. All

Directors read and understood minutes. No additions, clarifications,

corrections offered. Motion to accept Minutes made by Wyatt, 2nd by

Lynne. Motion passed unanimously.

5. Officer Reports

A. President: Pastor Dave Huntington, on receiving grant monies from


I’d like to give us all as the SCCGI BOD a pat on the back. We have been

building toward this level of support since the beginning and this grant

award marks as distinct a milestone as getting our 501c3 status.

There are a few people who deserve special mention regarding this project:

Marty, you pushed for this and did a great job of putting together the

application and getting it submitted; Andra and Trish, you guys are stellar.

Thank you for your willingness to step out and not only attend the

supervisors meeting but rise to the occasion with an impromptu

presentation that apparently blew them away. Kudos!

Don’t forget this, it’s easy to fall into despondency when it seems like the

whole world runs on money and influence. There are plenty of voices out

Pg 1 of 4 – SCCGI Board of Directors Minutes 7/9/2016

there saying “who will let you?” to any good thing one might propose; when

the real question is “who will stop me?” We have taken an awesome step

forward but it’s not time to rest on our laurels. Let this be fuel for greater

things yet. This living laboratory is beginning to show that persevering in

doing right always brings reward. Let us take this to heart as we continue to


B. Dave’s report on Ken Youngman Decision

The State Bar of California has issued a cease-and-desist notice to Ken

Youngman and his company. (see letter dated June 29, 2016 Case No: 15-

NA-13362. On file)

Motion to accept the President’s report made by DreamCatcher. 2nd by

Bill. Motion passed unanimously.

C. Treasurers report by Marty Maurer.

(see submitted report on budget.)

Motion to accept Treasurer’s report made by DreamCatcher, 2nd by

Trish. Motion passed unanimously.

*D. Secretary Report

6. Committee Reports

A. Fundraising Report by Lynne Bright.

Once we get the CBF Grant Award Letter, we will proceed with other

sources for fundraising. We will call Jim Porter after receipt of letter.

Motion to accept Fundraising Report made by Wyatt, 2nd by

DreamCatcher. Motion passed unanimously.

B. Agricultural, Sustainable and Ecology report made by DreamCatcher.

Summer at Wanderland mostly about keeping current plants alive in heat

and researching projects for winter season. Working on Foster Tree

Program with Home Depot and Lowes in consideration for possible donors/


Motion to accept Agricultural, Sustainable and Ecology report made

by Trish, 2nd by Bill. Motion passed unanimously.

Pg 2 of 4 – SCCGI BOD meeting 7/9/2016

7. Old Business

A. Trish gave a recap of the Board of Supervisors events where we

received CBF funds. Andra’s brilliant presentation to the Supervisors

increased our award money from 20 thousand dollars to 42 thousand

dollars! Andra, thanks for having all those facts and figures in your head.

What a difference it made.

B. Lynne will contact Best Buy and possibly other corporations to apply for

a donation of a computer/laptop for Board business.

8. New Business

A. Andra had expressed a desire to head a committee on Animal Welfare

for Slab City. Motion Made by Lynne to establish Andra as head of

Committee on Animal Welfare. Robi 2nd. Motion passed unanimously.

B. Lynne discussed setting up a green compost. Robi recommended

Humanure handbook as a resource guide. Robi suggested proposing a

plan to County Supervisors for a waste management program and water

conservation that would be acceptable. We hope to operate under

experimental exemptions. Motion made by Lynne, Create a 5 year plan

for water saving, waste management program for Slab City. 2nd by

Robi. Motion passed unanimously.

C. Discussed a need to document cleanup needs and progress in the

Slabs. Photos and videos for crowdfunding, face book and other venues.

Trish volunteered.

Motion made by Dave, 2nd by Lynne, Trish will document need for

trash pickup and make record of progress and publish. Motion

passed unanimously.

D. AGM will be held December 11th, Sunday at noon at the Range.

E. Next Board meeting will be 8am Haven, August 27th. Motion made

by Robi, 2nd Lynne. 7 Yae, 1 Nay – Motion Passed

Pg 3 of 4 – SCCGI BOD meeting 7/9/2016

F. Lead time for election workshop so that interested persons can look at

list of eligible members for Directors and to set nominees suggested.

Motion to make Election Workshops for November 16, and December

3rd at 12pm (Noon) Location: The Haven made by Dave, 2nd by Trish. 7


1 Nay. Motion passed.The workshops (on Nov 16 & Dec 3) were to be “at Noon @

The Haven”

9. Motion to adjourn made by Dave, 2nd by Lynne.

Motion Passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:36 a.m.

***Minutes For July 9, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting Approved on

August 27, 2016 at The Haven.

Verified: ________RH/TA_______________(Secretary Initial Signature)

Pg 4 of 4 – SCCGI BOD meeting 7/9/2016 [END]

*Secretary Report July 9th, 2016

Civic Engagement: Posted California Online Voter Registration Link to SCCGI Community FB page. Added Instructions and Offered to register anyone who did not have a computer with my computer use. (This is a good example of how a SCCGI Corp Computer could be used to benefit the Community)

Post generated community contact asking me to look up how Independents vote in the Primary and if one needs to reregister if wanting to change political party designation.

188 People Reached, 4 Shares by A Green Planet Revolution, Joseph Procella, Slab City Info and Slab City Friends – FB pages