SCCGI – Land for People, Not for Profit

The 21st Century world is far different than the Twentieth Century world.  Old solutions lead to new problems. New problems seem to be without solution.

Slab City Community Group Inc. (SCCGI)

SCCGI is a non-profit 501 c (3) organization consisting of a group of residents, visitors and friends of Slab City.Slab City is a self selected, open, intentional community.

  • Slab City is an Off-the-Grid community (independent of power plants).
  • Slab City is a unique off-the-grid community in the Northern Sonoran Desert (Colorado Desert) approximately 3 miles east of Niland, California in Imperial County, California, USA.

SCCGI works to facilitate access to affordable living space for everyone.  Slab City has been an accessible living space for over 50 years. SCCGI works to sustain, encourage and participate in this unique off-the-grid community.

A Living Laboratory

Why is SCCGI the nonprofit to support?

Slab City pioneers have been creating new solutions for over 50 years.  We are a virtual living laboratory by resident experimentation by living off the grid in an area of scarce resources, often, under harsh weather conditions. Slab City is a viable and vibrant community.

What is Slab City Community Group Inc. doing differently?

It is time to share.  SCCGI is working to sustain Slab City as a living laboratory.  We encourage 21st Century Pioneers and Partners to come and participate in developing new living strategies.

We are living alternative, new solutions.

What’s special about our volunteers, constituents,  geography,  programs, events?

Residents, visitors and volunteers who are part of this “living laboratory,” work proactively to create low environmental impact, self-sustainable, and accessible methods and practices in:

  • off-the-grid living
  • low resource agriculture
  • land stewardship
  • micro-business development
  • life skills education
  • community interaction
  • artistic expression as a way of life.
  • self management

There are more than 1.8 million charities in the United States right now. And – let’s be honest – many  do important work, but…

Slab City is Unique.

Slab City Residents and visitors have been here for about 50 years.
In all that time, the community was self managed.

Self managed…with NO government nor municipal structure.  And it works quite well. People help their nearby campers if in need. Creativity explodes in an environment where there are few rules. Acceptance and tolerance learned by living and interacting with people from all walks of life and different mental or physical challenges.

Slab City is where many different types of people feel at home.

The world has changed. This eclectic, vibrant community is in danger of a significant change. The California State Lands Commission has stated that they want this Section 36 off their books. They are selling parts of Slab City and they will hold a closed bid if the Non-profit, Slab City Community Group, Inc, does not come up with money to buy the land and hold it in a Land Trust for the People of Slab City, (Land for People, NOT for Profit), or some other solution that the State might consider.
heart-donateCan you help us?   

Will you help us?


Read this heartfelt letter sent to the people of Slab City:

My dearest Slab City,

I am one who lurks in the shadows. I don’t post hardly at all and rarely do I comment. But. Over 2,000 miles away from the slabs, I receive every single post alerted to my phone the moment someone posts it…

There is no news outlet or social media group that I follow as closely or devotedly as I do the Slab pages here on facebook. The reason is this: I spent two seasons in Slab City and those two years I formed some of the deepest bonds and lasting relationships of my life… (I am)thousands of miles away from you all but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about coming home to the slabs, for never in my life have I found a place where I can be most genuinely myself and connect with other more honestly other than Slab City and I love you all with all of my heart.

There are so many people that have unique and world altering connections that are miles and lifetimes away that it might matter to.

Thank you all. I love you like you will never know and I promise I am coming back soon.